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Global provider of online platform (software as a service) for fleet maintenance management that enables the companies to:
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Creation partners

Giovani Amaral

In the past 15 years has been active in the IT service segment. He was a partner and CEO of the startup, whose creation originated in Datasul and focused on Software as a Service / Cloud computing. In 2008 he became Director of Value Added Services of the software company TOTVS. He left the company in July 2010 to devote himself to this project.
SaaS pioneer in Brazil, worldwide known by IBM for his pioneering and innovative spirit.
Jorge Steffens

He was a Datasul's executive for over 20 years, where he served as CEO, headed the company's internationalization in Mexico and the United States and the process of going public at the Brazilian's stock market Bovespa.
His IPO leadership resulted in the biggest software company in Brazil
Ionan Fernandes

For more than 14 years working in information technology segment, Ionan was Datasul´s executive in charge of controlling and finance product suit and has also held general manager position of the software as a service business unit. He served at NeoGrid as the head of Global Marketing and responsible for this area of operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.
Paulo Caputo

He was responsible for Datasul's operational area, vice president of market strategy and a leader in the merger process between Datasul and TOTVS - responsible for acquisitions and innovation.
Extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions